David & Laura Williams: Owners

Fast Lane started in 1994 when owner David Williams sold his first car on consignment out of his garage. Recovering from a devastating hit-and-run motorcycle accident that left him on crutches for 5 years after 27 surgeries, Williams was stuck in St. Louis . A close friend of his lent him the money to start Fast Lane Classic Cars and the rest is history.

Shelby: Client Relations Manager

Shelby has been with us for 9 years. A recent graduate of Harvard Business School and former NASCAR Pit Crew Chief. She is well versed in all things Fast Lane related as long, as it has a Bacon Flavor. If you have any complaints, please call Shelby.

Joe Clark: General Manager

Joe has been marketing Classic Cars since 1998. Joe can handle all car purchases, consignments and also handles our Award Winning Ebaymotors Seller Account since 1998. When David or Laura are not here to help, please call Joe for anything Fast Lane related.

Sharon Puetz: Business Office Manager

Sharon has been on our staff for 9 years and can handle all operations of the business. If David or Laura are not here, Sharon and Joe are positioned to handle all things Fast Lane. From Financing your next Classic Car to all Accounting Operations, Sharon is here to help.

Dan Hillebrandt: Production Manager

Dan has been in the Classic Car business since 2000 and is well versed in nearly all areas of the business. From the moment a car is purchased or consigned, Dan is responsible for getting it expedited to market and then out the door to its new home. Dan also comes to Fast Lane with an extensive knowledge of rare and unique vehicles. Whether it is Pre-War, European, Italian Sports Cars or Exotics, Dan is here to answer any questions you may have.

Nick Guffey: Sales

Stephanie has muscle car and classic car art to manuals for sale.

Stephanie Meier: Gift Shop Manager

Do you know a car enthusiast? Stephanie can help you find the perfect gift for any car enthusiast.

Connie Hale: Gift Shop Sales


Tim Peeler: Director of Photography & Media


Sarah Bonderer: Advertising Specialist


Brian Alberico: Service Technician

Brian is skilled at all things metal! From complete floor pan restorations, any exterior sheet metal work to carpets and convertible top installations,..Brian can do it all.

Mark McKernon: Service Technician


Chas Dishman: Detail / Technician Specialist


Rick Bommarito: Detailer

Rick comes to us having retired from General Motors. Rick touches every car before delivery to insure the paint is in it's top condition. Rick has been with the company for 8 years and has consistently sent out products that meet or exceed our clients expectations.

Mike Plump: Detailer


Jason Meier: Maintenance Manager


Jim Condomitti: Jimmy of All Trades


Roger Keller: Greeter

With the current influx of classic car "dealers" both local and national, we are hearing more and more horror stories from good people who have had less than satisfying experiences buying and selling cars in the collector market. As a reputable dealer with over 15 years in the business, we want to make every possible assurance that buying a Fast Lane car is the only way to invest in a vintage vehicle. Our strengths are many, but here are just a few:

  • Our guys know cars...period. Classic cars require a level of knowledge that is not necessary in the used car market. Never buy a car from a guy who doesn't know what he has. We examine every car extensively before we purchase so we can weed out the problem cars before they get to the customer.
  • We use the term salesman loosely. Too many dealers will talk you into a car you have no business buying. We realize that a salesman with no commission goal is a salesman who won't pressure you, and that creates a friendlier environment for everybody.
  • A warranty is great until you read the fine print. We will not offer you the traditional lawyer-speak guarantee because classic cars are amazingly unpredictable and they will find the most inopportune time to act their age. What we will offer in all fairness is our assistance in helping you return your vehicle to its purchased condition.
  • Information is the best tool a buyer can ever possess and we like to share. If you need closeup photos, undercarriage video, scanned copies of original titles or trim codes from the VIN tag we will get it to you and we will handle your request in a timely manner.