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With temperatures dropping and the impending threat of snow just around the corner, your highway commute to work could soon get a little dicey.

Sure, you can take the family sedan to the dealership and install a set of winter tires like the infamous Bridgestone Blizzaks. Or maybe you're old fashioned and choose to load the bed of your half-ton pickup with tractor tires and bags of sand. That might be enough for some, but it doesn't exactly inspire confidence plowing through snow in sub-freezing temperatures. Here at Fast Lane, we have a much better solution.

Allow us to introduce the 2004 Excursion -- Ford's answer to all things mother nature. Whether you're facing a foot of snow, mud or even the most rugged off-road terrain, this Excursion is ready to plow through anything in its path.

Though four-wheel drive certainly helps, its off-road tenacity is aided by the potent powertrain lurking beneath its hood. It's true the Excursion was offered with both the Triton V8 and V10 gasoline engines, but the PowerStroke was always the most desirable option.

If it isn't already apparent browsing through our inventory, we're all about performance at Fast Lane,  and this Excursion is no exception. With a 6.0-liter PowerStroke V8, towing and passing will be a breeze with more than 325 horses at your disposal. 

While its horsepower rating is impressive nonetheless, it's the 570 pound-feet of neck-snapping torque that enables Ford's turbodiesel engine to deliver truly exhilarating performance. 

Built on Ford F-250 Super Duty truck chassis, the Excursion was heralded as the largest sport utility vehicle in the world at the time of its release. But that wasn't enough, as this Excursion deserved to look even more imposing with a suspension lift that towers above other vehicles on the road. Aftermarket 20-inch Ballistic powder coated wheels and all-terrain Kanati Mud Hog rubber add to the Excursion's aggressive off-road persona.

Though its rugged appearance may deceive you, this Excursion is actually equipped with an assortment of luxury amenities from the factory. The Eddie Bauer trim level features two-tone leather seats and wood trim that truly give the Excursion an upscale look.

Automatic headlights, park assist and electronic climate control are especially convenient, while the rear entertainment system with fold down screens is sure to keep the kids entertained.

With only 110,XXX miles accumulated in 12 years, this low-mileage Excursion is just warming up for many more years of off-road fun. Don't wait until spring to get the party started!