Fastlane contact hero

I received my 1979 TATA today and I am very does forget, even if one lived during those Disco times, how those cars were....brings back memories of my 20's....some memories however will stay filed away though....

I want to thank each of you for your help during this process. My car is parked and is very enjoyable (for me anyway) just sitting there being looked at. You may smile, my wife said "ooo its nice, but I will keep my 2013 turbo Kia Optima" must be an enjoyable job each of you have making dreams come true.

Nick, please accept my personal appreciation for your work. One does not need an auction to find a quality car at a reasonable price with first rate companies like Fast Lane around, and the professionals like you and Laura that service clientele that have met their obligations, and now just have fun playing back fading memories. I thank you as well Tonya for the services Road Ready provides. You too may smile......the guy in Mount Dora, our friend there.... still has his 1979 listed.....

Thank you each again, I wish you all a safe and successful 2014. Happy & Proud!

Brent Hatlestad, North Carolina

Wanted to thank Laura & Laura for the opportunity to visit such a wonderland for car lovers and for making it such an easy and pleasant transaction, you are good people and I will try hard to send you business. David you are truly blessed to have such a great wife, dealership and employees, loved the milkbone trick with Shelby. Can't wait to get the car! Thanks again and God bless

Steve Loy

Good afternoon, Just wanted to say thank you for the beautiful picture and card you sent us. I'm very happy with the Cobra. It is a great car and the price was good, too. It is a joy to drive and very exciting. The power is instantaneous and soo smooth and quiet, except for that little supercharger whine! What a car! I have only put about 500 miles on it, but plan on keeping it for awhile. I plan on putting a lot more miles on this car, just been too busy. I am sending you a picture of my daughter, Bailey, and my new wife, Victoria, up in the foothills. The winding roads up here are excellent for that relaxing Sunday drive! Bailey has already claimed the car to be her's when she turns sixteen...eeeouuu! Hope you are doing good and life is treating you fair. You are a good man and I enjoyed our conversations. Keep making people happy. Your friend,


Thanks for making Cindy and my trip to Fast Lane a good one. Thank's also for e-mailing the photos of the Vette and the Cobra. The trip home was great, as much as I enjoyed the Cobra I don't think I will ever own another roadster. The Z06 has me hooked, performance and comfort, can't beat it. Oh Yeah, and how does 28.6 mpg at 70 mph sound? There was a couple of 100 mph burst in there also. Thank you Tom and tell Dave and Laura thank's also . Later, Terry

"I've had just about the best experience ever with your Gift Shop, I will definitely be back!"


I received my 1971 Dodge Challenger R/T Friday evening. The transport company was very professional and delivered my car as planned. I am very pleased with my purchse. The car is in the condition described and is beautiful. At this point in my Fast lane experience, I would do business again with "the family". My wife and I will visit your facility if we get anywhere near St. Louis (but not the winter). Thanks again!!

Ray Rappa

We've been down to your place and it was one of the most enjoyable LITTLE vacations we've had. Thanks for the wonderful memories and tell your staff, we loved every minute of it and they were VERY nice and understanding.

Gary Pillers

Dear Mr. Williams, We are so very appreciative of your thoughtfullness and generosity. We are excited to be able to give out 5 t-shirts as attendance prizes, along with the handout brochures. Many thanks to you and your company employees.

Richard Bothman, Gateway Ford-Merc Club

Just wanted to tell you how impressed my wife and I were with Fast Lane. I had called and missed out on the Silver 69 Camaro by about 2 hours!! We went ahead and drove over from Manhattan, KS to get educated and to see the car and what all your business has to offer. I am very interested in buying a car from you. I've done a considerable amount of looking and yours seems to be heads above all the other businesses out there!!

John Ring

Dear Dave, As promised we are sending you a photo of the Corvette at our home in Greenwich, NY (upstate). We have always wanted a Corvette and we finally found one that we both agreed on thanks to you. The patience and honesty that you and your staff showed regarding the long distance sale was very much appreciated. Just knowing that any document that we needed was either a phone call or email away made our lives alot easier. The trip home was a long one and the fact that you stood behind your word was very reassuring to us and it eased our worries. We have received nothing but compliments on the Corvette and we can't wait to take it to some car shows in the future. We wish you all the best!

Brett & Kristin, 1981 Chevrolet Corvette

The car is GREAT!! Wow! What power! What EVERYTHING!! Surpassed my greatest expectations! Dealing with you has been the greatest car buying experience I have ever had. Period. No one can hold a candle even close to your employees...helpful, knowledgeable, patient...I could go on. 10 on a 10 scale.

James, '00 Pontiac Trans Am WS-6

My wife and I have been driving by your shop for over 3 years and have always said that we were going to just stop in. Well, we visited you [finally] and were just amazed. We were both glad we stopped in and plan on stopping in from time to time just to see your ever-changing collection.

Matthew & Gayle

We love our car. We have been driving it around town a little and getting lots of looks and comments. I got an offer to sell it the night we brought it home. NOT FOR SALE. Thanks.

Ricky & Wynonna, '66 Chevy Chevelle

I want to thank you both for the kindness and care you have given me in our phone conversations during this sight unseen purchase. I have never done anything like this before and I truly hope that everything works out for all of us. Some of my friends say that I am crazy for having this much trust to make such a purchase so I hope my trust in you both pays off.

John, '66 Olds 442

I had been shopping for a Bel Air for sometime but was unable to find the exact color and equipment that I wanted. While leafing through a publication, I found a '57 that greatly interested me. I subsequently contacted David and Laura and arranged a deposit to hold the car until I could see and test drive it. When I arrived at the dealership, I was immediately greeted by David and Laura and made to feel right at home. Upon viewing the car and test driving it, I found that it greatly exceeded my expectations. I subsequently purchased the vehicle, however the purchase was not based entirely on the car itself. It was also based on the integrity of David and Laura and their kindness.

Ken, '57 Chevy Bel Air 2-door Hardtop

I am so impressed by your place. I am NOT a car enthusiast at all but i truly enjoyed visiting your place and have insisted to several people that it should absolutely be a part of their visit to historic St. Charles. Thank you for providing such an attractive and inviting showroom.


I wanted to tell you I love the car. I really appreciate the way I was treated at your store, everyone was helpful and nice. This is the way every car dealership should be...I will be back to buy again.

Pat, '90 Camaro

I just wanted to tell you that we love the Mustang and that you guys are great... Thanks for everything... we really enjoyed doing business with you.

Teri, '65 Mustang Convertible

The car is beautiful, everything we a lot more. As you know we purchased this sight unseen with only an internet picture...every thing you said and did for us was excellent...

Fred & Marty, '29 SSK

I just wanted to let you know that I love the car and I was very happy with your service!

Wayne, '72 Dodge Dart Swinger

Thanks for taking good care of me and my have found her a special place to live where she will be groomed and cared for in a special way.

Chris, '68 Charger

Your description of the car was right on target. This was the first time we have ever bought a car out of state by the way of a magazine ad. We had our doubts, but your dealership put our minds at ease

Larry & Mary, '67 Dodge GTS

The car is running good and getting a lot of attention and thumbs up in town. Good luck.

Arcenio & Sue, '69 Ford Mustang Mach 1

Seeing as this is our second car we have purchased from you, it should go without saying we are extremely comfortale dealing with Fast Lane Classic Cars. I don't know alot about cars, but what I do know is that I am getting a sound investment for the money. As always, I am pleased to be part of the "Fast Lane Family". Thank you for everything, the car is unbelieveable!

Paul & Shannon, '69 Camaro RS Convertible

I just wanted to drop a note and say thank you for the viper. David and Laura were very nice and easy to deal with. I will be buying more cars from you folks. Thanks again!

Christoper, '01 Dodge Viper

Laura- I wanted to write up a letter to post on your website for any future internet customers you may have so that they can experience the same satisfying customer service and help I received from you and Fast Lane. To put it in simple terms Fast Lane Cars made my dream come true. At first like anyone else I was very suspicious and untrusting of buying a car from a picture on the website or from a phone call, but they, meaning "Laura", from Fast Lane Cars assured me it was a good car and that they don't buy just any car, that they only stock the best. She assisted me in everyway possible by suggesting who to use to get the car checked out, to finding out what needed to be done to get the car into Canada. She helped me out more than you know and made the purchase go as easy as they could. Drove out to pick the car up on a Monday morning and still wasn't sure what to expect. Once I saw her though "My Dream Car" I knew that was my car waiting for me and I was more impressed than the pictures. Anyway to say the least Fast Lane Cars to me will be as they say the nation's premier classic car dealership! And that's no lie!

Vee, '71 Blown Chevy Camaro Z28

I would like to thank everybody at Fast Lane for the way you treated me during my recent purchase of a 2000 Corvette. It is truly my dream car. It is beautiful and I get compliments everywhere I go. Your no hassle approach really made me feel comfortable and it is obvious everybody is honest. From the moment I walked into the dealership you made me feel like a friend, not just a customer. Once again, Thank You!!

Juan, '00 Chevy Corvette

Loved your place, your cars, but most of all the friendliness of everybody. I am a maniac on cars. Thanks!

Al, '04 Dodge Viper

I wanted to say thanks for not giving up on finding me a '69 Mustang GT. David, you were 110% correct that something better was around the corner. I now have a car that I can actually enjoy driving, and I have you guys to thank for it. Definitely will see you guys when it's time to buy my next "new" car.

Eric, '69 Ford Mustang GT Convertible

I was just in Fast Lane about a month ago with my grand-parents. I just wanted to thank you for opening Fast Lane as a tourist attraction and I hope you have good business.


We bought the red '65 Mustang convertible back in June. Kathy won a trophy with it about 2 weeks ago. The smile on her face was worth the purchase alone. She won the Manager's Choice Award and the trophy stands about 18". We thouroughly enjoy the car. Thanks!

Wayne & Kathy, '65 Mustang Convertible

My wife, my son and I visited your facility as part of our 5 day trip through Missouri. We thouroughly enjoyed the opportunity to browse and oogle the classic cars. It was the highlight of the trip for my son. Thank you for your kind hospitality from the Minnesota folks.


Congrats on all your recent sales. The Camaro has been the most fun I've had legally. People follow me to ask questions. I really just want to say THANKS!!

Bob, '67 Chevy Camaro

Thanks for the 1968 Mustang. Its awesome.

Darrell, '68 Ford Mustang Coupe

Your web site is THE BEST. Your use of color is fantastic. Easy to use. I am looking for a specific car of which you do not have right now but what a great web page.


We just want to thank you once again for a nice car. It has gone 3500 miles this summer without any problem.

Kjell, '66 Chevy Caprice

Just a quick thanks for shipping the Krate so timely and packing it so well. It arrived in great shape. Its put together now, looks great, and she is awaiting a good detailing tonight. Have a great Christmas.

Charlie, Schwinn Apple Krate

Just a quick note of gratitude to thank you and your associates for the great job in helping me purchase my corvette. David, you owe yourselves a pat on the back. You guys went out of your way to make everything right on my vehicle, and if in the future I want to purchase another classic I will come to you. Thanks again.

Donald, '89 Chevy Corvette Coupe

Dear Fast Lane Cars Staff, Thank you for making my husband's dream come true. We came to your showroom on Saturday, January 21, 2006 and he found what he was looking for. We bought the 1930 2 door street rod. To make the experience even better, was the knowledge and attention extended to us by Todd Anthony. Todd walked us through the entire vehicle and showed that he genuinely wanted the vehicle and our purchase to be exactly right.(We were never treated like "just another sale"). We then met with Sharon Peutz to wrap up financing. Sharon extended the same professionalism with a "people person" flair. Again, Thank you so much and we will definately see you in the future.

John & Maryann Shaver, '30 Ford Sedan

I have just yesterday returned from my official test drive of the 1973 Pontiac Gran Prix I purchased from you. My wife and I drove from our home in San Diego to visit my mother in Monterey; about 1,000 miles round trip. The car handled far beyond my expectations. Leaving home at three in the morning meant empty highway for at least the first couple of hours; I was able to really open up the newly rebuilt 400 to see what she'd do and she did not disappoint. I'd say we "averaged" about 90 until we hit heavy rain just north of L.A. The temperature gauge stayed well under the 200 mark the whole way, and the factory tach floated at around the 3000 mark at speed. The ride was smooth and relatively quiet with very minimal squeaking and creaking that you might expect from a 33 year old car. The power steering was effortless as I snaked in and out of the corkscrew turns along Highway 1 and the brakes held the Gran Prix tight in the challenging corners without complaint. The only trouble I had with the car at all was wiping 1000 bugs off that beautiful chrome grill when I got home. Not bad for 1000 carefree miles in my dream car on my dream trip with my dream girl. Thanks for that experience y'all. Happy Trails.

Bill, 73 Pontiac Grand Prix

"Thanks for the picture of our "new" 55 Chevy with the gang. We are having a blast with the car. Thanks for making a dream come true. Your staff was fantastic and Tyler took care of the repairs needed. When my wife decides she's ready for a '56 T-Bird, we'll be sure to come see you guys first!!"

Bill & Julie, '55 Chevy Belair